Health through a Variety of Bacteria


Up until recently most people considered bacteria to be the cause of illness. However, current research has shown revolutionary insight into the fundamental importance of bacteria for human life. Their composition, activity and dialogue with the cells in the human body mark the difference between health or illness.

Since the 19th century general opinion was that one has to fight bacteria. Now one has discovered that without them one would definitely be ill. Thus, our previous understanding of connections in the human body has changed completely.
A disturbed settlement of bacteria in the body can suddenly reveal itself as the cause of countless illnesses, which up to now were considered impossible to heal. In many scientific studies it has been proved without doubt, a fact which previously at best could only practically be experienced: Bacteria in the digestive system are the key to good health.

Bacteria form the basis of all health and togetherness of life. Through them one can even learn new ways of union. They provide living connections between the visible and the invisible world. Through bacteria medicine has a new hope of development for the future.
What up to now had already become knowledge through experience, is presented in a completely new light by way of numerous scientific studies in this basic volume.

It is a book which concerns everyone, that can help many people and that can also give valuable advice and be a helpful impulse for specialists. It can be easily read and understood by everyone and as well as detailed explanations, contains practical suggestions and methods for promoting and/or winning back intestinal health.